Supporting Masterton

We regret that the usual grants to Masterton community groups are not available this financial year (April 2017- March 2018). The difficult decision not to offer community grants was made due to financial constraints caused by structural issues with some MTLT buildings. 

This year, priority has been given to funding our education priorities for early childhood, schools and tertiary and to the continued funding of Aratoi. Concessional rents for community groups will also remain.  

Community grants are usually made annually to Masterton non-profit groups. These grants have averaged $129,000 over the past three years.  

Although education is the main focus of the grants programme, community grants are a way for a wider range of Masterton people to benefit from the Trust’s activities.

A $16,000 grant to the Masterton District Council for the Library to support reading in the community has been made annually for a number of years.  The grant is used to increase the library’s stock – including fiction, e-books, large print and audiobooks – areas of increased demand from the...Read more