Masterton Trust Lands Trust manages a diverse mix of commercial and community property valued at more than $100 million in 2023.

We’re committed to continually improving and maintaining our properties – at all times protecting the Trust’s endowment.

Our tenants are supported by us with quality properties and responsive service from our facilities management team.

The majority of the property that we own is commercial, with the remainder of the portfolio being community property offered to local organisations for the benefit of Masterton people.

Our portfolio includes several notable historic buildings, each with its own unique contribution to the story of Masterton. The Trust’s central Queen Street office is located in the former National Bank building originally constructed in 1924, and classed by Heritage NZ as a Category 2 Historic Place. In 2013 we completed an award-winning refurbishment of Masterton’s Technical School (originally constructed in 1908) into a modern restaurant.

We welcome enquiries from potential tenants looking for leasing opportunities in Masterton. This could include space in a Trust-owned building, a ground lease on Trust-owned land, or a new build development.

Community Property

Community Property

Commercial Property