Whakaoriori Wellbeing Project - Fostering social competence

Whakaoriori Wellbeing Project – Fostering social competence

Nov 2021

The Whakaoriori Wellbeing Project aims to foster social competence as young people transition from early childhood to primary school and from primary to secondary school. A total grant value of $600,000 has been committed for this project over the next two to three years. The project takes a long-term approach with participants involved in programmes that span at least 12-24 months.

The first recipients of funding from this project are St Patrick’s Primary School and Chanel College. Together they received $25,710 to implement the Zones of Regulation programme to build emotional literacy for their students. Successful outcomes from the programme will be resilient young people with skills to problem solve, identify triggers and regulate their emotions in social settings.

The schools launched the new programme in term 3 of 2021 with various activities, including an information evening for parents and a very messy colour run!