Whakaoriori Kāhui Ako Lead Principal Janine Devenport with MTLT Education Committee Chair Christine Brewster

MTLT announces $600,000 grant for local education

Nov 2019

Masterton Trust Lands Trust (MTLT) will contribute $600,000 over the next three years to fund a significant education project, which will be developed by the local education community.

The funding was announced at an information session this week for principals, boards of trustees and others involved locally in education at early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary levels, and is part of a new funding allocation strategy that will start in April next year.

MTLT Education Committee Chair Christine Brewster said the new approach focuses higher levels of funding on a single area where the Trust and education community considers it can have the greatest impact in addressing a specific problem or need.

“This approach of making an ‘impact investment’ will allow us to work with the local education sector to make a real difference towards the learning achievements and wellbeing of young people in our community.”

Mrs Brewster said the project will be led by the Whakaoriori Kāhui Ako collective of local education providers.

“Developing this new approach has coincided with the formation of the Whakaoriori Kāhui Ako, which is well placed to be our collaborative partner in this initiative.”

Fernridge School Principal and Whakaoriori Kāhui Ako Lead Principal Janine Devenport said she was “blown away” by the level of investment MTLT are providing for local education through this funding. 

“This is amazing support for the education of the young people of our community. The possibilities and potential impact this funding will provide are massive and will support us in our key role of creating great kids. I’m really impressed in the way that Masterton Trust Lands Trust continues to provide opportunities for our tamariki to shine.”

Ms Devenport said the focus of the special funding on hauora and wellbeing reflected the priority MTLT and the Kāhui Ako placed on this aspect of  student education and achievement. 

“Wellbeing and the hauora of students is vital to their success. The special funding will allow us to work collectively to support our young people and create positive learning environments where they can thrive and have every opportunity to succeed.”

Mrs Brewster said the significant education grant was the first time MTLT had provided multi-year funding to support an initiative.

“The multi-year commitment will provide more certainty to the local education community and a greater ability to undertake a project with the scale that could provide longer term benefits.”

MTLT funding would continue to be available for other education activities and events, which is forecast to be around $450,000 over the next three years.

“MTLT contributed more than $280,000 last year to support 31 different education initiatives,” said Mrs Brewster.

“Ranging from fun and engaging events such as Matharapa and Aratoi’s art education programmes to the Poi Porotiti and Nga Tama Toa leadership programmes and professional development for teachers, education has been a major focus for the Trust since it was established nearly 150 years ago.”

Mrs Brewster said a governance group would be formed to manage the project with the next stage focused on preparing a scoping document to identify the significant education initiative to be funded.