MTLT Tenant Development Scholarship

Applications close: No closing date – accepted any time during the year
Decision notified: ASAP after Board approval (4-6 weeks after application received)
Funding released: On receipt of appropriate evidence of costs
Who Can Apply

The scholarship recognises the contribution MTLT tenants make to the Masterton community by employing and supporting local people, and through leasing community-owned property. The scholarship is for costs associated with taking on an approved work-related training course.

Applicants must

  1. Be the owner or employee of a business which is a tenant of MTLT
  2. Provide details of the training course they are enrolled in, or wish to enrol in
  3. Be able to clearly demonstrate that the training course is work-related
  4. Be legally permitted to work and/or study in New Zealand.
  • Scholarship funds must be used towards costs associated with undertaking an approved work-related training course
  • The scholarship funds will be paid upon receipt of appropriate evidence of costs
  • The recipient agrees to participate in the promotion of the scholarship through involvement in publicity on the Trust’s website, in news media and other material
  • No person can receive the scholarship more than once
  • The scholarship will be awarded solely at the discretion of the MTLT Trustees.
Application Process

Complete the Tenant Development Scholarship application and submit.

In making its decision, the Trust will consider work-related training courses that will benefit you and your employer in your work environment.

Monitoring & Reporting

Masterton Trust Lands Trust
189 Queen Street, Masterton 5810
PO Box 90, Masterton 5840
Ph. 06 370 0155

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