Targeted Education Grant

Applications close: 30 June 2024
Decision notified: Approximately one month after applications close.
Funding period: Funds must be spent by 31 March 2025
Funding released: Upon approval
Evaluation report due: 31 March 2025
Fund Available: Grant amounts of up to $10,000 each
Who Can Apply

Open to non-school organisations that provide educationally focused programmes to benefit residents within the Trust district.

Excludes capital works and one-off events.

Priority is given to programmes that focus on:

  • Early childhood education
  • Technology education
  • Education for people with special learning needs
  • Environmental education.

Available to non-school organisations that provide educationally focused programmes within the Trust district. Programmes that focus on early childhood education, technology education, environmental education, or educating people with special learning needs are given priority.

If the programme costs are likely to exceed $10,000, you’ll need to provide evidence of confirmed funding for the balance.

A comprehensive budget must accompany your application.

Application Process

Complete the Targeted Education Grant application form and submit.

The application must be fully completed and include a robust explanation of the benefits and outcomes the programme aims to achieve.


Monitoring & Reporting

Successful grant recipients will be required to report on programme outcomes and account for the expenditure of funds, e.g. provide a detailed summary of how the grant money was used (including proof of expenditure) by 31 March 2025.

Any deviation from the original application must have prior approval from the Trust.

Grant funds not used for the intended purpose will be required to be reimbursed back to the Trust.


Masterton Trust Lands Trust
189 Queen Street, Masterton 5810
PO Box 90, Masterton 5840
Ph. 06 370 0155

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