MTLT Career Change Scholarship

Applications close: 30 June
28 February
Decision notified: ASAP after Board approval (4-6 weeks after application received)
Funding released: Two instalments – upon approval and at midpoint of course
Fund available: Grant amounts of up to $2,000 each
Who Can Apply

MTLT recognises that financial constraints are sometimes a barrier to transition to a new career.

To support new learning journeys, MTLT offers scholarships of up to $2,000 to assist people that are enrolled or intending to enrol in a course of study to initiate a career change.

This scholarship is available to help pay for course fees for recognised study or training programmes within New Zealand run by approved education providers.

Applicants must 

  1. Be enrolled or preparing to enrol (either full-time or part-time) in a recognised study or training programme within New Zealand run by an approved education provider.
  2. Be able to clearly demonstrate the study or training being undertaken is to initiate a change of career.
  3. Usually reside in Masterton, specifically within the Trust district.
  4. Be legally permitted to work and/or study in New Zealand.
  5. This scholarship is not intended to support students embarking on a course of study directly after finishing school.
  • The scholarship will be awarded solely at the discretion of the MTLT Trustees.
  • No person can receive the scholarship more than once.
  • The scholarship funds must be used towards course fees only.
  • The scholarship funds will be paid in two instalments. The first instalment will be paid upon receipt of evidence of enrolment and study or training fees. The second instalment will be released after six months or at the midpoint of the course subject to the recipient informing the Trust that the course requirements to date have been met.
  • The recipient agrees to participate in the promotion of the scholarship through involvement in publicity on the MTLT website, in news media and other material.
Application Process

Complete the Career Change Scholarship application and submit.
In making its decision, the Trust will first consider whether the applicant has fulfilled the criteria listed above, in particular, that the study or training can be shown as clearly linked to a career change.

Other considerations may include –

a) the course of study or training
b) the applicant’s ability to complete the course
c) the applicant’s need for financial assistance
d) the work (paid/unpaid) the applicant plans to undertake in the future
e) any special circumstances considered relevant e.g. family responsibilities, special learning needs.

Monitoring & Reporting

Masterton Trust Lands Trust
06 370 0155

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