Your community property stories

Getting native in the reserve

Check out this video highlighting the Trust-owned Millennium Reserve on the corner of Hillcrest and Pownall streets.  Special thanks to the hardworking volunteers that work tirelessly to provide this wonderful recreational space for the community.  Read full story

Native suburban oasis

Designed with people in mind, the MTLT-owned Millennium Reserve on the corner of Pownall and Hillcrest Streets is a community-run project that has transformed bare land into a flourishing reserve filled with native species a network of walkways, springs, lakes and birdlife.

Begun in 1993... Read full story

Hands-on learning

MTLT-owned farmland near Wairarapa College enables hands-on learning for agricultural students. Studying agriculture as part of their secondary education includes practical learning with the benefit of the educational farm to supplement classroom theory.

On-farm work carried out by the... Read full story