Our people

Dedicated to Masterton

Our eight elected Trustees and small management team is dedicated to serving our tenants through quality property, maintaining and growing the Trust’s assets and maximising returns to its owners, the people of Masterton.

Our Board of Trustees is responsible to its shareholders, the people of urban Masterton. The management team, led by Andrew Croskery, reports to the Board.

The Board of Trustees is elected by voters living within the Masterton Small Farms Settlement boundaries. Four Trustees retire at each triennial local body election. The Chairperson is elected by the members.
The Board meets formally 10 times per year, with additional meetings scheduled as necessary. Sub-committees meet as required. Trustee remuneration is determined by the New Zealand Remuneration Authority.

Christine Brewster
Chair , elected 2004
John Bunny
Deputy Chair , elected 2007
Sandy Ryan
Chair Community Grants Committee , elected 2013
Bex Johnson
elected 2016
Gary Caffell
elected 2019
Tom Hullena
Chair Education Committee , elected 2019
Bella McClymont
elected 2022
Monique Kloeg
elected 2022

MTLT is managed by a small team of professionals based at the Trust office in Queen Street Masterton from Monday to Friday during business hours. We are dedicated to serving our tenants through providing quality property and the community through grants. Our team is supported by contractors who provide specialist advice and assistance when and where we need it.

Andrew Croskery
General Manager
Stephanie Rix