Learning & teaching for all

Every year income from our community-owned property assets is used to support educational, cultural and community activities in Masterton.  Our original purpose of making education in Masterton extraordinary still holds true today.

We work closely with all levels of the education sector - early childhood, primary/intermediate, secondary and tertiary - to support new teaching and learning opportunities that are open and accessible to all.   

Our vision is to strengthen partnerships with other organisations to support education, well-being and economic development in Masterton and the wider Wairarapa region.

We recently announced a new approach to education funding which focuses a higher level of funding on a single area where the Trust and education community considers it can have the greatest impact on addressing a specific problem or need.  Up to $600,000 has been committed to support the local Kahui Ako with a significant project to improve the hauora and wellbeing of local young people. 

The Whakaoriori Wellbeing Project aims to foster social competence as young people transition from early childhood to primary school and from primary to secondary school.  A total grant value of $600,000 has been committed for this project over the next two to three years.  The project takes a...Read more