Community property

Social & cultural dividends

While the majority of MTLT property is leased commercially, about 12% (by value) is provided at nominal or no rent for community use.This property provides no financial return; instead providing social and cultural dividends to Masterton people.

These properties are made available to not-for-profit community organisations for a range of uses – educational, community, arts and culture. Some are provided to community groups for a concessional rental – for example Aratoi, Foodbank and Access Radio Wairarapa. This means that the organisation receives a rental grant equilivent to the market rent of the property.

Other MTLT property is enjoyed by the community at nominal or no cost. This includes the Millennium Reserve, the Wairarapa College Farm, MTLT Education Centre on Dixon Street and The Spot Youth Centre.

Designed with people in mind, the MTLT-owned Millennium Reserve on the corner of Pownall and Hillcrest Streets is a community-run project that has transformed bare land into a flourishing reserve filled with native species a network of walkways, springs, lakes and birdlife.

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