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Whakaoriori Wellbeing Project - Fostering social competence

The Whakaoriori Wellbeing Project aims to foster social competence as young people transition from early childhood to primary school and from primary to secondary school.  A total grant value of $600,000 has been committed for this project over the next two to three years.  The project takes a... Read full story

Extending young minds

Curriculum extension courses for secondary students have once again been funded by our education grants programme in 2018. The student curriculum extension, enrichment and development (SCEED) programme provides special courses in forensic science, debating, dance, art, creative writing, e-... Read full story

Grant enables enriched learning

A $15,000 MTLT grant provided seven curriculum extension enrichment and development programmes for Year 9 and 10 Wairarapa students in 2017.

The funding enabled the curriculum extension programme to be provided collectively to talented students from across a range of schools who would not... Read full story

Students stand taller after Ngāti Kahungunu exhibition

A $10,000 MTLT grant funded a programme for more than 2,500 Wairarapa students at the Aratoi exhibition 'Te Marae o Rongotaketake: Redressing our Kahungunu History'.  Museum Educator, Diana Cruse, explains how the students connected with the history of whānau o te Wairarapa through the largest... Read full story

Developing maths teachers

MTLT-funded collaborative initiatives in the early childhood, primary, intermediate and tertiary sectors provide professional development for teachers.  In 2014, Lead Maths Teachers from Masterton Primary and intermediate schools upskilled in extension activities and problem solving. These... Read full story

A teacher with some pupils