MTLT district

Defined by legislation

Beneficiaries of Masterton Trust Lands Trust grants must live or operate within the boundaries of a largely urban area described as the ‘Trust district’. 

This area was originally defined by legislation in 1871 for the purpose of MTLT Trustee elections and has been since been updated as legislation has been amended. The current Act is the Masterton Trust Lands Act 2003.  

The Trust district means all the land area:

  • within the district of the former Borough of Masterton as that district was constituted on 31 March 1989 and;
  • within the Masterton Small Farm Settlement.  This was originally the area of land acquired by the Small Farms Association which was responsible for the settlement of Masterton, and ultimately the emergence

Criteria for beneficiaries of MTLT Scholarships and students is slightly wider to include students who are, or at some time have been, resident within the Trust district.