Learning & teaching for all

Every year income from our community-owned property assets is used to support educational, cultural and community activities in Masterton.  Established in 1871, our original purpose, of making education in Masterton extraordinary still holds true today.

Our current vision is to strengthen partnerships with other organisations to support education, well-being and economic development in Masterton and the wider Wairarapa region.

We work closely with all levels of the education sector - early childhood, primary/intermediate, secondary and tertiary - to support new teaching and learning opportunities that are open and accessible to all.   

In partnership with industry, we will soon be offering scholarships to promising and deserving Masterton students for their tertiary studies or apprenticeships. 

A $15,000 MTLT grant provided seven curriculum extension enrichment and development programmes for Year 9 and 10 Wairarapa students in 2017.

The funding enabled the curriculum extension programme to be provided collectively to talented students from across a range of schools who would not...Read more