Education funding priorities 2017-2019

Following a review and consultation with the education sector in 2015/16 we’ve set five education funding priorities for 2017-2019.

Priority 1: Early development

Strengthening the learning foundation for children aged 0-5 years. Professional development for teachers, service and resource coordination, and engagement of specialists to address readiness of children starting school, early literacy, social development and support for families.

Priority 2: Networking & collaboration

Extending the pool of education knowledge and skills through networking and collaboration between different levels of the education sector - early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary.

Priority 3: Future-focussed high-quality teaching, learning & assessment

Critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration and leadership, agility and adaptability, initiative and entrepreneurialism, effective oral and written communication, accessing and analysing information, curiosity and imagination.

Priority 4: Identity, culture & language

Promoting a strong sense of identity, culture and language among Māori students through culturally responsive teaching.

Priority 5:  Transition & pathways

Transition of students between levels of the education sector and on to training and employment will be funded through mentoring, cross-sector forums and parent education.


Grant type

Who can apply?

Applications accepted

Roll Based

Early Childhood Educators (ECE), Kohanga, Primary and Secondary Schools, Kura

No application required – based on school roll return

Sector Leader

ECE, Primary and Secondary Schools, Tertiary

1 April – 30 November

Special Projects

Masterton centres or schools that receive roll-based grants, UCOL Wairarapa

1 April – 30 November

Cross Sector Collaborative Projects

Joint applicants from two or more schools/centres from two or more sectors

1 April – 30 November

School / Education Events

Masterton centres or schools that receive roll-based grants

Any time

Hardship Fund

Masterton centres or schools that receive roll-based grants

Any time